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We are a publication that aims to become a resource for all tools to build your business.

Keep reading to find out what we publish, our submission guidelines, and how to become a writer.

What we publish

We will publish articles related to a tool or gear that helps run and grow a business. We will not publish stories that review tech without an explicit direct relationship to business, i.e. we will not publish a piece related to fitness gear that only has a link to the health of the entrepreneur and not a direct link to the business itself.

Types of articles

We will accept a wide range of articles, but here are some specific types that we are looking for.

  • Product reviews
  • Tutorials/ How-tos
  • Lists
  • Case studies
  • Comparisons


  • We prioritize unpublished drafts but will accept published stories.
  • We prioritize metered articles. Join Medium’s Partner Program to meter your posts.
  • You own your own work. You are free to publish your work on your own blog. However, if you publish a story with us, we request that you ask permission before removing it from the publication. Repeated incidences of removal of published stories will lead to being removed as a writer.
  • We will accept articles about Medium as long as they are directly related to running or growing a business.

Submission Guidelines

Please follow our submission guidelines closely. Failing to adhere to these guidelines will likely result in the rejection of your story.


  • Please follow Medium’s curation guidelines.
  • Please include a title, subtitle, and feature image. Your title should be in title case, and your subtitle should be in sentence case.
  • Please use the H1 and H2 headers. This story is an example of proper usage. Do not use H2 headers as your primary headers. H1 headers should be in title case. H2 headers should be in sentence case.
  • Please do not include unnecessary images in your story. Your images should be directly related to the product that you are talking about.
  • Use Grammarly and edit your story. Multiple spelling and grammar mistakes will result in a rejection.
  • Please do not use excessive formatting, such as bold, italics, and quotes. Your piece should be easy to read.
  • Please do not have long blocks of text. Divide them into smaller points at natural breaking points.


I recognize that this topic can easily lead to promotion. We will not accept stories that are clearly promoting a product. If you are submitting a product review or comparison piece, you need to have pros and cons for each tool you discuss. There is no perfect tool.

The purpose of your story should be to inform and not to advertise.

Affiliate links

We understand the need to writers to monetize their work. I believe affiliate links are a great way to do this; however, I ask that you not include affiliate links until you become established at Business Tools. This means that you should submit multiple stories, before including affiliate links.

This policy allows us to minimize promotional material and potential deception of our audience. If you submit your first story with affiliate links, we will either reject the piece or ask that you remove the affiliate links.

You must disclose affiliate links if you include them. Follow Mediums guidelines regarding affiliate links.

Calls to action

We ask that you do not include calls to action or a list of previous articles at the bottom of your post. Our audience pays to read these articles, and therefore, they should be advertisement free.

However, if you have a related resource or article, you should describe it and link to it within the body of the article. You can include lead generators in this as well.

For example, if your story was discussing a content platform and you have a content planning worksheet, you can link to it like this.

“While X platform is great for sharing content, it is still important for you to have a strategy when creating content. If you want my strategy for creating educational content, get my content planning workbook.”

For call to actions, please follow the guidelines in the article below:


Becoming a Writer and Submitting Your Story

If you would like to become a writer, please comment on this story with “I want to become a writer!”. You should be added within 48–72 hours.

Once added, you can submit a story through Medium’s system.

Thank you for considering publishing with Business Tools! We look forward to reading and publishing your work!

Write about entrepreneurship, marketing, and personal development. Also me: @alanalrister and @scigradcoach https://www.alanarister.com/alana-rister-newsletter

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