So first, I want to say I loved this piece. It gives a lot to think about and provides really valuable strategies for long term growth.

Although, I question the logic about the gold rush being over. I agree that it will never be as easy as it was for the early adopters, but just because page visits have flattened doesn’t mean members have. I read over and over again how members are reading less and less stories. Many of Mediums members are Medium writers. Therefore as writers focus more on writing and less on reading the page view will stay the same even as paying members increase. The difference is that views from members with fewer reads are worth more. There is one story that I got $.50 from 20 seconds of reading!

I think there are always growing pains, and I think Medium likely had an imperfect roll out of their relational system in October. ( I have literally seen the same top stories on my home page for 2 weeks at a time.) But I am seeing some changes that might spell a greater hope for a change.

I also think it is all too common but highly unrealistic for people to come on any platform and expect to make a full time living within a short period of time. All these things take time and hard work.

Well that was longer than I planned, your piece just made me think a lot!

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