Aww! Thank you!

I agree. I think many people come to Medium thinking it is going to be easy money, which is rarely the case.

I am hoping that they will be overhauling the homepage soon. Honestly, I don’t really care to see people’s faces either. I have writer’s I follow, but I am only interested in certain types of stories from them so I rarely go to their page.

I think Medium could take some tips from YouTube here and have a homepage filled with stories that would be recommended based on topics that you read and people you follow, and then have a separate tab for subscriptions or writers/publications you follow. That way if you want to see the latest from people you can just go to that tab.

I would also love if Medium gave us more capability to customize our home page and have reading list of sorts that we could curate based on topic. Maybe one featured story at the top followed by a recent section and then playlists that you could work on and curate so if people liked my Medium stories they could easily find all of them together.

Just my thoughts! But your comment really got me thinking!

Write about entrepreneurship, marketing, and personal development. Also me: @alanalrister and @scigradcoach

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